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If your roof looks old and is covered in moss and dirt you may be surprised at how easily it can be brought back to life with our water-based roof cleaning. Roof tiles lose none of their colour and can usually be dramatically improved with a simple high-pressure clean. Our large industrial- strength pressure cleaners remove all the moss and dirt accumulated over the years and leave roofs looking almost like new. Our workers always clean up thoroughly afterward, meaning you won’t have a driveway full of moss at the end of the job. We also have safety equipment, harnesses etc to access high and steep roofs where necessary.

Over time the bedding cement that holds ridge capping in place becomes brittle and needs to be replaced. This happens through exposure to the natural elements, small shifts in the housing structure, and the growth of plants, such as weeds and moss, within the small cracks of the bedding cement. When the bedding cement is dislodged gaps are exposed and water can enter the roof cavity. In addition the pieces of dislodged roof bedding cement can end up in the gutters and may cause blocked gutters and blocked downpipes. The process of rebedding and pointing the ridge capping is needed to ensure the roof is waterproof protecting the internal contents of the house from water damage.

If your roof is looking tired and needs a face lift having a full roof restoration can update the look of your home.


Our tradespeople perform a full inspection of the roof to detail the materials and repairs required.


We can assist you with you picking your new colour scheme.


As a result of our initial roof inspection all cracked or broken tiles are replaced.


High pressure water blasting is required to remove moss, lichen and grime to achieve best results. No chemicals are used, only water.


Before painting all ridge caps, gables and hips are repointed. This completes the process of restoration of your roof prior to coating.


As part of the final step your roof is sterilised, sealed and membrane coated to your selected colour, providing a permanent finish that will withstand all weather conditions.


roof restoration
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Whirlybirds are a cost effective solution to assist the passive cooling of your roof space and thereby the comfort of your living areas. They have a number of benefits including; heat and moisture reduction, improved ventilation and airflow, even assisting pest control.

Reducing the roof space heat build up by expelling hot air, which enables it to be replaced with cooler air from outside. This makes your insulation work farmore effectively - whirlybirds also have the following benefits:

• Inexpensive way to improve your home’s comfort

• Energy cost savings

• Expels damp air in winter, which can affect building structures and the effectiveness of insulation

• Decreases heat load on ceiling ducted air conditioningI'm a paragraph. 

Maintain efficient water flow in your gutters with a variety of gutter protection products, which are intelligently designed to help keep your gutter free from blockages.


Gutter Guard - Leaf Free We can supply and install to manufacturer guidelines ensuring optimal performance and warranty. This product is a special mesh that keeps your gutters free from blockages. It is available in a variety of materials

Gutter Guard and Gutter Cleaning

We offer many options to give your home a new roof or roof extension.

Extensions and New Roofs


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